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Honey Come Chatka (Ch. 102-131, LINE Sticker Vol. 1, Updated 6/17/19)


Are you in Europe?


Why's the group called Super Euroscans?

I like Eurobeat.

Do you take requests?


Is there a schedule?

NThe plan is for a new chapter (Side A & Side B) of Honey Come Chatka to come out everyday. We're stalled at the moment. The image above lets you know why.

Can I donate?

I'd rather you didn't.

Is there a Discord?

No, but I hang out in the Helvetica Scans discord... Does the StormxLeague discord count?

I saw Honey Come Chatka on a site other than Mangadex, did you upload it?

Hell no I didn't and it frankly pisses me off that other sites are stealing my work and profiting off it with ad revenue.

Will you be removing your releases from Mangadex?

Do I look like the kind of motherfucker who scanlates Weekly Shonen Jump?

Can you remove the autoplaying music?

No. Eurobeat is Fantastic.

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