ayo i aint joking this shit is not done. graphics may be missing. charts may need serious revision. simfiles may need more charts until i'm happy with it. some stuff may never be done. play at your own risk.

Bansheebeat - Cultural Festival Arc

SX11 (DX WIP 38% Done)

banvox - summer

SX11 (needs more charts)

CND9 - Scream S∞ng

D24 (needs graphics, further chart effects to match original scream song, maybe another chart?)

Ebimayo - GOODTEK

DX12 (this is just a shitchart tbh)

KaW feat. Sam-I-Am - Party All Night

R17 Infinty edit

SOUNDTEAM - Squadron Trauma D.S.T.R.T.

DX12 (needs further revision)



SDMS - un deux trois

DX12 (Needs further revision)

vospi - maslo

D17 Infinity Edit

立秋 feat.ちょこ - おにいちゃんハイテック

SX11 (made for secret simfile santa 2017. i fucking hate this song)

sampling masters AYA - one or eight

SX11 (made for Technical Showcase 2017. no one liked it.)

Mr. T - airflow

SX11, DX10

KNOWER - Overtime (Live)


dj TAKA - Absolute 2007


Paul Bazooka - Nevermind

DX12, Needs Singles and other Charts

lapix - Kill The Beat

DX10, needs more charts and better quality audio

BEMANI Sound Team "謎の勢力" - Initiation

SX13, needs more charts and waiting for OST audio

Falcom Sound Team jdk - Bravely Storm

DX11 - made for Secret Simfile Santa 2018. 4 U TSWAG

LeeZu - Runaway

SX12, D21 WIP

deltaBouche feat. EZGi - Further

Rhythm Horizon 9S-45. "Bracket Further". Copy link into Direct Download in-game.

Louis Cole - Doing the Things

DX11, needs more charts



DM Ashura - π·ρ·maniac

Pump it Up Infinity Edit: D20 "Scoobies, In My Five-Panel?"

Som2 - Deja Vu

Pump it Up Infinity Edit: HD19 "Unfamiliar"

Magic Hammer - The Trident ov Power

Pump it Up Infinity Edit: D21 "Afronova ov Power"

Charts Not Available for Download

Mycin T. - Groovin Up

SX10 20% Done

eFel - Rebel Against

DX10 33% Done