stream loopz

loopz for your livestream

free to use for all rhythm game livestreams. comes with ready to go BGM loops for LR2, Beatoraja, and other compatible BMS players (plus flac + mp3 for anything else).

for all other purposes including any other livestream or other commercial or noncommercial use, you need a license.

a general purpose license is available for $100 USD and entitles you to use the audio files enclosed unmodified for any personal or commercial purpose with the exception of selling these files standalone or as part of a compilation of other music. this license applies to all tracks available here at the present and in the future. this license does not entitle you to use the unedited original music tracks these loops are adapted from. this license also does not relieve you of any legal liability in relation to the samples used in the production of the music.

tracklist (updated with more all the time!)

CND9 - '98 werk ur feet [juke/footwork]*
CND9 - bokeh eyes [dnb]
CND9 - Conclusion Pt. 1 [trance]
CND9 - EVERYDAY [house]*
CND9 - foehn in the jungle [jungle/dnb]*
flora3000 - karma (CND9 rmx 2019) [hardcore/dnb]
CND9 - let u go [dnb]
CND9 - n ur ear whole [hard house]*
CND9 - RAVE HELL [oldskool hardcore]
tekkaman - rolling thunder [synthwave]
CND9 - Setup! [happy hardcore] SOUNDTEAM - Squadron Trauma D.S.T.R.T. [dnb]
CND9 - subculture 4 rent [oldskool techno]
CND9 & flora3000 - valet island [footwork]*

* depending on how popular your product is you might get in trouble for the uncleared samples in these tracks

BMS BGM installation

LR2: move all files inside "BMS BGM" folder into "LR2files\BGM". the skin you use may have its own BGM folder.
Beatoraja: in the config window before the game launches, set the BGM folder by going to "Skin>BGM Path (LR2)>..."
QMS: move all files inside "BMS BGM" folder into "Customize\SelectBGM".