a pack focused on expanding the creative expression of dance game stepcharting through tech
(in non pretentiousese: a pack where i did whatever the fuck i wanted)

Download (905MB): Google Drive (Primary) | MEGA (Mirror) | Mediafire (Mirror) | ZiV (LQ Videos, 570mb)

Note on compatibility

This pack was written for SM5 and makes extensive use of SSC split timing functions. Certain simfiles that do not use split timing have alternative .sm files but the use of H.264 video means they are generally incompatibile with OpenITG unless you are using a custom build with H.264 decoding support. Certain effects in this pack are also known to crash pre-rollback builds of 5.1 (aka 5.1.-3). It is recommended you use either 5.0.12 or 5.1 beta 2. By default there is no offset bias to these charts, but as of 2020 i realize in the real world almost every cabinet is synced to the 9ms offset bias so there is a .zip file nested in this pack. Extract it on the root pack folder and it will replace all the baseline 0ms bias chart files with new chart files with 9ms bias charts. The two or three pump charts in this chart will RETAIN the 0ms bias because pump customs don't have to deal with this bullshit. I'd hope with sm5 we can collectively move away from the 9ms offset bias.


Bansheebeat - Cultural Festival Arc from the album Lumine
[ITG] SX11, DX11
banvox - summer from At The Moment EP
[ITG] SX11, DX13
BEMANI Sound Team "謎の勢力" - Initiation from beatmania IIDX 25 Cannon Ballers
[ITG] SX13, DX13
BEXTER - Rut'n from DJMAX Portable Black Square
[ITG] SX11, SX12
Different Heaven - Even Better (feat. Sian) from the single Even Better
[ITG] SH8, SX11, DX10
DJ TOTTO - 見習い天使と星降りの丘 from Gitadora
[ITG] SX11, DX12
Houseplan - Houseplan from EZ2AC Night Traveller
[ITG] SX11, DX11 [PIU] S18, DP6, D23
lapix - Kill The Beat from DANCE RUSH STARDOM
[ITG] SX11, SED12 (Guest chart by Wari), DM8, DX11 Updated 12/16/19 with audio from ULTIMATE MOBILE
LeeZu - Runaway from DJMAX Respect
[ITG] SX12, DX12 [PIU] D22
Louis Cole - Doing the Things from the EP Live Sesh and Xtra Songs
[ITG] SX10, DX11
Mr. T - airflow from beatmania IIDX 8th Style
[ITG] SX11, DX10 [jubeat] EXT8
Paul Bazooka - Nevermind from DJMAX Respect
[ITG] SX13, DX12

dj TAKA - Absolute 2007 from the album Milestone
[ITG] SX13
Ebimayo - GOODTEK from BMS of Fighters Ultimate 2015
[ITG] DX12
Falcom Sound Team jdk - Bravely Storm from the Tokyo Xanadu OST
[ITG] DX11 from Secret Simfile Santa 2018
KNOWER - Overtime (Live) from the single Overtime (Live)
[ITG] SX14
Pa's Lam System - Bit by Bit from the EP Virus Window
[ITG] SX12 from Technical Showcase 3
立秋 feat.ちょこ - おにいちゃんハイテック from SDVX IV: Heavenly Haven
[ITG] SX11 from Secret Simfile Santa 2017
sampling masters AYA - one or eight from beatmania IIDX 9th Style
[ITG] SX11 from Technical Showcase 3
SWAN K feat ASUKA M. - LOVE B.B.B. from beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle
[ITG] SX15
[ITG] April Fools Joke


vkim, valex, IMSORRY, k.eternal, k*turn, happyf33tz, mudkyp, ash, nitro, irfan, z_al, t-swag, wari, trevor